Our Farmers

H&V Organic has on board over 5,000+ farmer Families, supplying Certified Organic produce. Our Farmers are the backbone of H&V organic and we ensure they get the best support in-terms of technical know-how and the latest knowledge to maximize production while ensuring the strictest agricultural standards so they get the best rates for their efforts

Organic Methods


Seemingly simple, it rests on a sound understanding of the basics of biology and nature. Organic farmers alternate the crops grown in each field, rather than growing the same crop year after year (mono-cropping). They know that different plants contribute varying nutrients to the soil. By rotating crops, they ensure the soil is naturally replenished. This time-honored practice can eliminate the need for insecticides in many crops since the insect’s life cycle and habitat are interrupted and destroyed.


Organic farmers and entities like us are reiterating the importance of cover crops. These are specific which can protect the soil, add nutrients, prevent weed growth, aerate the soil with deep root systems, and fertilize the soil by building organic matter when plowed under. Cover crops conserve and trap the moisture, they are a rich ground for microflora and fauna. Earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms when they thrive in the soil, arrest the growth and prevent problematic bacteria, fungi, nematodes, diseases and insects from proliferating.


Organic farmers utilize natural predators to control pests that destroy their crops, which eliminates the need for chemical insecticides that remains in the soil for years.


If you have ever been to a farm, or a village you would see for yourself how the smart farmer knows the use of compost and natural wastes. The continuous cycling of naturally occurring materials helps the soil retain moisture and nutrients.

Organic we believe is also a healthy choice for farmers. One step forward to nurturing goodness and helping the environment.

Organic also means no use of chemicals in processing or dangerous food preservation methods like irradiation. It works on the scientifically validated age old natural processing and preservation principles.

Better quality food, better planet, also means a better future for all of our children and us. Right? Well it is a complex process this organic farming and way, but has several long-lasting benefits for all of us.

Key benefits

No pesticides or harmful chemicals

Better nutrition – rich in antioxidants

Better taste

Better ecology

Sustainable -better planet for our children

Safe food

No water contamination

Farmers – better lives


“Soil is a living ecosystem, and is a farmer’s most precious asset. A farmer’s productive capacity is directly related to the health of his or her soil.” – Howard Warren Buffett